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Sustainable Planet

Thursdays 12pm CST/1pm EST/10am PST

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Sustainable Planet with host Terry Jensen covers environmental topics such as Green Building, Green Remodeling,  Energy-Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Energy Audits or Surveys, Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water,  Wind Power, Ecovillages and Cohousing. Join in with Terry and her local guests from in and around the DFW and North Texas area as they discuss tips to conserve energy, nutrition and healthy dining restaurants, and going green!

Host Bio: Terry Jensen

Terry Jensen works in these fields of Green Building, Green Remodeling, Energy-Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Energy Audits or Surveys, Solar Electricity and Hot Water, Wind Power, Eco-villages and Cohousing. She is a popular speaker on the subjects of Green Living, Sustainable Lifestyles and Personal Energy Freedom, and writes about Family Food Production, Organic Food, Rainwater Harvesting Outdoor Living, like Hiking, Camping, Walking, Restaurant Reviews (from a healthy, organic, and/or vegetarian perspective) and numerous other subjects such as family, singles, relationships, etc.
Terry is also an editor, published a monthly Green Building and Renewable Energy newsletter via email, and edited and published a print edition of DFW Green Building and Renewable Energy in April, 2010, as well as a monthly email newsletter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 11 years which is emailed to over 3000 subscribers: Earth/Food/Animal/Green Building Calendar and Newsletter.
Terry served on the National Sierra Club’s Sustainable Consumption Committee for three years and was head of the committee’s national True Cost of Home campaign. She also host various sustainable events in DFW.She is an activist in the community in Green Building and Remodeling, Clean Air, Energy-Efficiency, Renewable Energy, PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) for Texas, particularly DFW, Clean Water, Responsible Gas Drilling and Vegetarian Lifestyles

Archives: Sustainable Planet with Terry Jensen

Date: Sep 16, 2010
Description: Susan Jennings, writer for Living Natural First Magazine, member of the advisory board of the Texas Organic Farmers and Growers Association (TOFGA). and long time activist for organic food and this planet, discusses the current problems of and solutions to what we eat and drink in Texas. From pharmaceuticals in the water supply to our food regulatory system, and from local food to natural and organic food, Susan Jennings is the expert. For more info, go to

Date: Sep 9, 2010
Description: Not only are chemical home cleaning supplies dangerous to the planet in many ways, they are very dangerous to you. Join Mary Nell Jackson of the Herb Society of America as she discusses “Going Green and Clean in Your Home with Herbs.” Try these herbal solutions for cleaning. They work for less money and no chemicals in your home. Recorded at the Garden Series “Self-Sustainability for Your Lifestyle” from the Organic Garden Club of Fort Worth. Enlumnia Radio Network at – Giving A Voice To Your Cause

Date: Sep 2, 2010
Description: Expert “Tropical John” Thomas, DFW organic gardening pioneer and co-host with the Howard Garrett, the “Dirt Doctor,” reveals his secrets for an all natural yard. These are excellent solutions for a yard that is safe for your family and safe for the planet. Recorded at the Natural Urban Living Home and Garden Series from the Organic Garden Club of Fort Worth 

Date: Aug 26, 2010
Description: Sustainable Planet Interview with Patricia Allison, teacher and practitioner, on Permaculture. Permaculture has a vast potential for both urban and rural sustainability. Urban yards model themselves after natural forest eco-systems but focus on plants that provide food, beauty, cover for small animals, and other resources. Vertical space in Permaculture  is used to make up for what is lacking in horizontal space. 

Date: Aug 19, 2010
Description: We have an 800 pound gorilla in our DFW homes. It is our hot Texas attics. One of the largest problems in making a home energy-efficient is cooling down the attic, spring, summer, and fall.. CT Loyd speaks on retrofitting Texas attics as he was recorded at North Texas Renewable Energy Group meeting.

Date: Aug 12, 2010
Description: Kimberly Clark speaks on living a more sustainable life. This will delight you, educate you, and make you think. She starts with the question, “if there were ten things you could do that you knew would help the planet and future generations but you also knew that you would  probably not live to see the benefits of these actions, would you do them?”

Date: Aug 5, 2010
Description: Terry Jensen speaks about “Greening Your Home” Start with an energy plan and even the smallest of budgets to stop losing money on utility bills each month and all without having to turn your thermostat to the uncomfortable range..

Date: July 29, 2010
Description: At times we think we humans have crowded all the wildlife out of the metroplex. Then you find a baby bird or a raccoon takes up residence in your attic and you know they still exist. Bonnie Bradshaw, a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, licensed wildlife control operator and one of the founders of the DFW Wildlife Coalition discusses urban wildlife at the DFW Sustainable Planet. 

Date: July 22, 2010
Description: CT Loyd of Texas Home Energy Rating Organization is the metroplex expert on home energy audits and comes to Sustainable Planet to discuss the timely subject of how to lower your utility bills. He thoroughly explains a home energy audit as well as the importance of starting retrofits with an accurate audit.

Date: July 15, 2010
Description: Susan Oakey, past president of Animal Connection of Texas and long-time friend of animals, will discuss the issues affecting domestic animals in and around the metroplex. From puppy mills to factory farms, learn how you can help animals in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Date: July 8, 2010
Description: Gary Hogan, Vice-President of North Central Texas Communities Alliance, will discuss gas drilling in the Barnett Shale, why you should be concerned, and how the problems with drilling do not stop at the Tarrant County line. It is very important for residents of Dallas,  its suburbs, and other residents of North Texas to listen to this program. This could happen to you, but not if you are forewarned and prepared. 

Date: July 1, 2010
Description: V. Barbara Bush, past president of the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas and instructor of Veg 101 will discuss the environmental benefits of vegetarianism plus easy ways to cook vegetarian,  eat vegetarian, and eventually become as vegetarian as you want to be.

Date: June 24, 2010
Description: What is the scoop on solar power?  We all want and need to know. Jim Duncan, President of North Texas Renewable Energy, Inc., will discuss solar electric from the prospect of the owner, including incentives available to those who install solar now.

Date: June 17, 2010
Description: Shalagram Das of Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Palace will discuss growing your own food, community gardens and the high Brix agriculture method that is beyond organic in fruit and vegetable quality. Plus, learn how to start a Square Foot Garden in your own backyard. It’s the easy way to grow veggies, flowers, and some fruits all year in North Texas!

Date: June 10, 2010
Description: Explore weekly ideas and options with interesting interviews, local earth, food, animal, and green building/green remodeling events, questions & answers, and more as this radio show premieres in Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas. Kevin Foresman of Enlumnia Radio and David Howard of Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary will be the guests of Terry Jensen on Sustainable Planet at Enlumnia Radio.