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The Sacred Way

Host: Sherrie Locke   Mondays 1pm Central/2pm Eastern/11am Pacific

Sherrie Locke is the Host of this conversational causecast called The Sacred Way. Sherrie interviews fascinating guests from around the world, discuss, psychic phenomena, spiritual wisdom, and her advice for those seeking more clarity concerning 2012 and the Maya Calendar. Sherrie covers a broad range of metaphysical and spiritual ideals with her guest interviews, such as Feng Shui, Prosperity, Energetic Healing, and Shamanic Modalities, just to name a few. She will be hosting the show live from Dallas, Texas, and remotely from Lake Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala. For more about Sherrie, please visit her Host Page

Video Archives: The Sacred Way with Sherrie Locke

Date: November 1, 2010

Sacred Girl Talk Part One with Sherrie, Beverly and Tate on The Sacred Way

Audio Archives: The Sacred Way with Sherrie Locke

Date: November 15, 2010
Sherrie talks with Jose Volante, Host of Rolling with Jose, discusses his show, dissabilities, living with love and seeing beyond limitations in order to create an amazing life. Check out the video at

Date: November 8, 2010
In this second edition of Sacred Girl, Sherrie and Tate discuss relationships, dating, marriage and creating the life we all want with spirituality and the law of attraction in mind. Check out the video at

Date: November 1, 2010
Sherrie Locke conducts Sacred Girl Talk with Beverly and Tate, discussing energy clearing and re-creating your life from new energy and creativity. Check out the video at

Date: October 25, 2010
Sherrie interviews Neil Gaur of Portal to Ascension who is sponsoring a nationwide tour with Brad Johnson who channels Adronis, coming to Dallas/Ft Worth the first week of December. We also here from Justin Holt who sings one of his songs and is traveling with them to support them musically.

Date: October 18, 2010
Sherrie Locke interviews Life Coach Steve Straus of Since 1987, Steve has been helping his private coaching clients experience a different perspective. His clients – who were very successful before they hired Steve – now see things differently and take new actions based on their expanded perspectives. Expand your perspective on your own life by listening to this master coach enlighten us with his venerable wisdom.

Date: October 11, 2010
Sherrie interviews recording artist and energy practicioner Lisa Lazo of Massage Integration at and to discuss spirituality, energy work, and how she intertwines these healing modalities into her business and musical endeavors

Date: September 13, 2010
Sherrie Locke interviews the band 222, discussing their music, spiritual journey, and the syncronicity of their Facebook befriending of Sherrie, and LIVE music performance by 222. For more info go to and enjoy more great positive programming.enjoy The Sacred Way every Monday at 7pm CST on The Enlumnia Radio Network at

Date: August 30, 2010
My guest tonight is artist/sculptor Michael Christopher. We will be discussing art and “Creation Through Destruction” rather appropriate for these times…enjoy The Sacred Way every Monday at 7pm CST on The Enlumnia Radio Network at

Date: August 23, 2010
My guest tonight…a very special friend Brad Abrams ♥ we discuss the art of glass blowing, creativity and spirituality♥ with much love from Guatemala!

Date: August 16, 2010
My guest tonight…a very special friend and mentor, John Barnes ♥ we discuss prosperity, wealth, abundance and more… ♥ John will also guide us through a very deep meditation experience for prosperous self mastery ♥ ♥ !

Date: August 9, 2010
My guest tonight…Beverly Biehl ♥ we are talking about the Ba Gua and cool stuff ♥ Beverly is the director/owner of “The Intuitive Interior” and an incredible energy worker ♥ ♥ It’ll be fun!

Date: August 2, 2010
Inner Mastery is the ability to raise your frequency (consciousness) to your highest possible level and maintain it there. It involves living your life from the inside-out. Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have achieved Inner Mastery?!! Join Sherrie Locke and her guest, Mark Youngblood, as they explore ways to achieve Inner Mastery

Date: July 26, 2010
Premiere of The Sacred Way with Sherrie Locke; Sherrie interviews Kevin Foresman, Owner and GM of Enlumnia Radio Network as they discuss hoe Enlumnia started, Kevin’s own path of awakening, and the synchronicity of how they met and came to create The Sacred Way.