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Internal Focus

Internal Focus with Renée Snider  Thursdays 3pm Central/4pm EST/1pm PST

Internal Focus hosted by Renée Snider is about shift your thoughts, expanding your mind, and enlightening the world. Renée teaches how you CAN be that change in the world you want to see, and that a higher perspective begins with your Internal Focus. Renée’s vision is to offer to all who have the ears to hear, topics and guests who can rock our conscious worlds by providing and provoking new thought, insight, enlightenment and awareness for living consciously,personally and globally. From Ancient Wisdom to New Thought, from the Scientific to the Visionary, explore the ideas, philosophies, principals and Truths that are creating and inspiring our world and our internal focus.

WARNING!!!  You may be challenged, even provoked, to shift your perception, expand your consciousness, and create positive global change.  For more info on Renée, please visit

Archives: Internal Focus with Host Renée Snider

Dr. Judith Orloff – Emotional Freedom
Renée interviews Dr. Judith Orloff, Intuitive Psychologist and author of Emotional Freedom, Positive Energy and Second Sight, her autobiography. In this interview Dr. Orloff discusses the emotional archetypes, energy vampires, and the substance of her brilliant lectures and seminar workshops. For more, please visit

Rev. Lee Wolak, Agape Plano Texas
Renée interviews Rev. Lee Wolak of Agape Center for Spiritual Living in Plano, Texas. Reverend Lee Wolak has always lived his personal, social and business life with a clear sense of God as a living reality. His call to the ministry came as a result of positive prayer, and spiritual introspection.; Listen LIVE to Internal Focus with Renee Snider Thursdays 3pm CST at

Hypnotist Dr. Dale Emmert, Ph. D., CCHt
Renée interviews Hypnotist Dr. Dale Emmert, Ph. D., CCHt, discussing the use of hypnosis as a tool for psychological and spiritual healing. For more great shows, please visit to listen LIVE or to archived shows. Enlumnia Radio: Causecasts Creating Conscious Change; Listen LIVE Thursdays 3pm Central @

Steve Bhaerman & Swami Beyondananda
Join Renée Snider on Internal Focus with her guests Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondandanda discussing spiritual wisdom, the book he co-authored with Bruce Lipton, “Spontaneous Evolution,” and his appearance at Unity of Dallas; Listen LIVE to Internal Focus with Renee Snider Thursdays 3pm CST at

Margit Willems: Healing Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Renée Snider interviews Margit Willems on the powers of sound through Tibetan Singing Bowls, including a meditation while Margit plays her enchanting Tibetan bowls LIVE. Join us for high vibe conversation and sounds on Internal Focus with Renée Snider: Listen LIVE Thursdays 3pm Central @