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Holistic Radio

Host: Merrily Smith   Time: Wednesdays 1pm Central/2pm Eastern/11am Pacific

Holistic Radio hosted by Merrily Smith presents impressive medical practicioners, intuitive guides, and leaders in the fields of conscious transformation with helpful therapies and products in comon and alternative avenues. Merrily Smith is a millennium leader in the holistic field.  She publishers The Holistic Helper directory of holistic resources in the DFW Metroplex.  Current issue has over 2,300 listings in 155 categories.  As a spiritual counselor, and a Licensed Unity Teacher, she has counseled thousands with her unique emotional healing processes, primarily known as “Accessing Your Intuitive Language,” and the “Delights of Emotional Discovery.” A Licensed Unity Teacher since 1978, she has served with her late husband, Floyd Howard in pioneering Christ Church Unity in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Unity Church of Ft. Worth, TX.  Since his passing she has turned her spiritual talents and holistic interests to business activities.  Travel with spiritual leaders, promoting leading spiritual leaders, in addition to writing two books – The Secret Language of the Self, Soul Symbols, speaking and presenting workshops has been fulfilling in her life at this time.

Archives: Holistic Radio with Merrily Smith

Barry Teller: You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For
Merrily interviews Author and leturer Barry Teller as they discuss spirituality from the point of view of an enlightened single adult and soul mate relationships. Always Seeking ~ Never connecting with your Soul Mate? Join Merrily and Barry to explore valuable insights into a continual journey of health and balance in our romantic lives. Hear beneficial lessons of the ages, that will support your journey of connecting with a Soul Mate or enhance your present relationship in significant ways. Many of us have the desire but not the willingness to take these action steps. All it takes is WILLINGNESS to begin your journey, anew – just take the first step. As Barry says, “What You Think Is What You Get.” Barry Teller M.S. at (972)914-9107 or is a successful coach individuals who aspire to reach their Greatest Potential. For more inspiring shows, please visit

John Lipinski: The Seven Genies
Merrily interviews John Lipinski as he talks about his upcoming lecture The Seven Genies, and his spiritual journey from awakening to the present moment. John guides a Full Moon Global Peace Meditation, including an empowering 12 Chakra Cleansing and Rejuvenation process, each month on Full Moon dates at Unity of Dallas at 6525 Forest Lane inside the John Webster Peace Chapel. To listen to John’s Blue Full Moon Meditation on Raw Soul Radio, click here. For more inspiring shows, please visit

Tom T Moore: The Gentle Way
Merrily interviews Author and lecturer Tom T Moore as they discuss angel guides, channeling and the Gentle Way. Tom brings a keen knowledge of how requesting Benevolent Outcomes can be used in both business affairs and in your personal life, and relates many personal stories regarding these requests. Requesting Benevolent Outcomes for over the past fourteen years has resulted in leading a gentler, less stressful, and less fearful life. The Gentle Way. For more inspiring shows, please visit

Karma and Reincarnation with Barbara Martin and Demitrius Moriatis
Merrilee Smith has a special conversation on Karma and Reincarnation with
Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis explaining everything we need to know in their accessible new book, KARMA AND REINCARNATION.  An internationally respected clairvoyant and metaphysical teacher, Martin was one of the first mainstream lecturers on the aura and human energy field.  Along with co-author Moraitis, she founded the Spiritual Arts Institute in Los Angeles and instructs thousands on spiritual energy.