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Professional spa massage therapy helps to manage our long term health and enhance overall wellness. When combining the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue with subtle energy healing, you can enjoy a much deeper, ultra-relaxing, soothing experience rarely found in most spa settings. Enlumnia provides a variety of unique massage and energy work sessions that will relax, rejuvenate, and enhance recovery. Whether you require healing from sore, overworked muscles, or just a respite from stress, anxiety or depression, spa massage combined with Reiki and/or Chakra Balancing will allow you to reboot and revitalize in a very deep and blissful way.

Lisa Foresman, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist with 20 years experience in both of these healing modalities, provides the ultimate in spa massage in combination with energy work at our Enlumnia Energy Spa located in Dallas, TX. She remains a highly sought after personal massage therapist that will leave you refreshed and renewed. Try the Enlumnia Signature Massage for 50 or 80 minutes, or choose the Chakra Balancing Massage for the ultimate in healing and integration of your body, mind and spirit.

Please peruse her unique massage and energy work combinations below, and schedule your appointment in order to experience a new level of total relaxation and transformational spiritual body work. Rest assured that we strictly adhere to Covid-19 protocols at Enlumnia to protect you, our team, our families and friends. Masks and temperature checks are required, but worth it in order to provide a safe and enjoyable massage experience customized specifically to your own needs.

Massage Therapy Reiki Deep Tissue Swedish Therapeutic Spa Massage Dallas TX

Enlumnia Signature Massage

A customized massage infused with Reiki healing to melt away tension and ease pain while regaining mobility in the areas that are most important for your lifestyle. Session includes your choice of a calming or energizing aromatherapy blend and hot towels. Choose either 50 min or 80 min.

Signature Massage: 50 min – $110

Signature Massage: 80 min – $165

Crown Chakra Head Scalp Neck Shoulders Spa Massage Dallas TX

Calming Crown Massage

A relaxing scalp, face, and neck massage with Reiki energy healing to relieve headaches, reduce mental anxiety and to support your natural intuition.

50 min – $110

Root Chakra Reboot Foot Leg Lower Body Spa Massage Dallas TX

Root Chakra Reboot Massage

A relaxing foot and lower leg massage with Reiki energy healing to open up the energy channels of the entire body to reboot your body’s natural healing system and help you feel more grounded and supported by Mother Earth. Session includes your choice of aromatherapy and  hot towels.

60 min – $125

Calming Crown Massage: Enlumnia Energy Spa, Dallas TX

Reiki Massage

This is an extremely relaxing session that combines swedish massage with Reiki energy healing. This session is perfect for anyone who is new to massage therapy or Reiki healing and needs relief from muscular tension, mental and emotional stress. Session includes your choice of calming aromatherapy blend.

80 min – $160

Chakra Massage: Enlumnia Energy Spa, Dallas TX

Chakra Balancing Massage

The ultimate healing session informed by your initial chakra scan that combines massage, energy healing and guided visualization for optimum body, mind and spirit healing and integration to support your overall health, happiness and well being. Session includes your choice of aromatherapy and chakra scan.

90 min – $175

120 min – $225

Lisa Foresman: Intuitive LMT & Reiki Master

Lisa Foresman Licensed Massage Therapist Trainer Reiki Master Intuitive Guide Chakra Coaching Guided Meditation Mindfulness Music Enlumnia Energy Spa Dallas Fort Worth TX
Lisa Foresman is a highly sought after Reiki Master, therapeutic massage therapist, continuing education provider for TX massage therapists, and co-founder of Enlumnia. She has gained valuable experience in the massage, wellness and medical industry since 1998. Within this time she has gained an understanding and appreciation for both allopathic medicine and eastern mind-body healing practices. She believes that the healer is within each individual person and that the most important journey in this lifetime is the awareness and nurturing of one’s own body, mind and spirit. As a massage therapist and Reiki Master, she helps her clients know themselves better through  bodywork and energy work, providing the healing that they need. As co-owner of Enlumnia, it is her commitment to be a clear conduit of energy healing, provide exceptional bodywork and excellent customer service. Lisa is also a musician, singer, songwriter and producer at

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