House Cleansing: Space Clearing Removes Bad Negative Energy

Is the atmosphere in your home feeling a bit stagnant, like the energy just isn’t flowing? Are you feeling lethargic and unmotivated, or having trouble sleeping? It may be that the energy in your home has become stuck or stressed and needs to be cleared. Energy cleansing for a space, room, house or land to releases negative energy and resolve any energetic issues. Great to perform before moving into new home and office, or if unusual spirit activity arises after inhabiting.

There’s an invisible life force that flows through every environment, and when that energy moves freely, the space is filled with a vibrant, healthy vitality. But sometimes that flow gets blocked or becomes negative. Maybe you’ve brought stress home from your job, or you’re having frequent negative thoughts or emotions. These can get imprinted in your space and accumulate to create what’s almost like invisible “clutter” that slows down the energy and affects how you feel there.

It’s always best to have someone knowledgeable do a professional space-clearing in your home, to fully transform the energy, Treatment is about 60 minutes and can be performed in-person or as a virtual session. Sound, sage and essential oils may be used in the cleansing process, so let us know if sensitive to sounds, scents or smoke. Travel fees may be required if outside the Dallas area.

Fee: $175

House Cleansing: Space Clearing & Blessings by Kevin Foresman

Kevin Foresman Reiki Master Past Regression Hypnotist Energy Healer Spiritual Life Coach Holographic Sound Healer Enlumnia Energy Spa Dallas TX Copyright 2021

Kevin Foresman is an energy healer, certified hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation trainer, intuitive psychic, reconnective healing foundational practitioner, master holographic sound healer, multimedia artist, and ordained non-denominational minister. Kevin is passionate about helping his clients self heal energetically by providing a unique combination of healing energy work and spiritual life coaching. His energy healing technique involves being a pure open conduit or channel for source energy to flow through and into the energetic field of his clients, allowing them to release emotional blocks, relieve physical pain, attain deep levels of relaxation, balance and align chakra energy centers, and access higher levels of universal wisdom and personal success. Kevin’s method of energy healing is modern, direct and powerful. He also facilitates classes on mindfulness and meditation. Kevin is also an abstract fine art photographer at

Enlumnia: Positive Energy To Relax, Heal & Glow

Enlumnia provides mindful healing services and wellness classes at the Enlumnia Energy Spa in Dallas, as well as virtual sessions and classes online. Enlumnia was co-founded by Reiki Master and Hypnotist Kevin Foresman, and Reiki Master and LMT Lisa Foresman. They provide energy healing  in many modalities, including Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Massage Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Reconnective Healing, Holographic Sound Healing, Past Life Regression and Spirit Contact Therapy. 

Kevin and Lisa operate the Enlumnia Energy Spa in Dallas TX where they see their clients by appointment and their students during the week. They also livestream virtual sessions and classes through Zoom and Facetime for those who can not directly visit the spa or reside in other areas of the world.

Kevin and Lisa established Enlumnia as a healing beacon of light, energy and possibility. Kevin created the name Enlumnia, which means “a conscious realization of enlightenment and illumination.” The mission of Enlumnia is to present the power and wisdom of these healing traditions in a modern, practical manner without dogma or superstition. Their goals is to help their clients heal naturally, and to teach their students to self heal, overcome dis-ease, release trauma and personal obstacles, and become mindful participants in raising the consciousness of our planet one client at a time.