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Samantha Lawrence

Host of Love ♥ Sex ♥ Astrology   Time: Mondays 9pm Central/10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Samantha Lawrence is a psychic extraordinaire and host of Love ♥ Sex ♥ Astrology. At the age of five Samantha discovered that her intuitive dreams became reality. She was taught by her half-Romanian and half-English gypsy grandmother to read palms with psychic vision, and how to read her grandmother’s gypsy fortune telling cards, which are unique and quite rare, and she still uses her today.

Samantha became a professional psychic at age seventeen. Enhancing her psychic abilities, she clairvoyantly worked with several police departments throughout the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Samantha sees visions in her readings and receives messages from her grandmother (who has since transitioned to the other side) that are of the past, the present and the future. Through meditation and trance she can introduce you to several of your past lives through a Past Life Regression session, the benefits being the erasing of situations, fears, and doubts that hinder your life, and bringing forth knowledge to enhance your present life in an immensely productive way.

Samantha has been featured on both radio and television with her spiritual circles. Several newspaper and magazine articles (including D Magazine and Woman’s Own) have been written about Samantha’s learned understanding of guardian angels, as well as her intriguing ghost busting abilities. Known as the “ANGEL LADY” tm, she reads for the cast and crew of The Young and Restless, Days of Our Lives and numerous other television shows and Hollywood stars. She teaches classes and workshops in Gypsy Palm Readings; Gypsy Card Readings; Angels 101; Mediumship 101; Psychic Development 101; Dream Interpretation 101; Time Line Therapy; Hawaiian Huna; Advanced Prosperity; Crystal Therapy 101. 

For Private readings, parties, or corporate functions, please call: 469-556-7664 To listen to Archives of Love, Sex & Astrology, click here