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Myra B. Carter

Host of Wisdom Reigns    Time: Wednesdays 8pm Central/9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

Myra B. Carter is a visionary, author, speaker and Founder of Wisdom Reigns Coaching Center- an executive consultant, training and coaching company. She is a master coach and an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge and wisdom in creating sustainable personal and business success. Unlike those who promise to help other “get” what they want, Myra methods  reveals tapping into soulful wisdom, releasing disempowering beliefs, increasing satisfaction, and multiplying personal effectiveness to people what they have to give, by visionalizing who they truly and deeply are.

As a leading expert on Vision, Purpose, Focus, Balance, Communication and Wealth building, Myra is a sought after speaker and frequent guest on Radio, Tele-Seminar, Webinars.  She is the author of “Wellness for the African American Woman” the 3rd volume series for the empowerment of the PWN African American Woman library.  Her book will be apart of the Oprah African American Library in October ’09.

Myra B. Carter is an influential keynote speaker. She delivers public and in-house seminars, executive efficiency and balance, creativity and workflow along with consulting programs that address interactive and organizational productivity, and team alignment issues. Having logged countless of hours working with wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and senior professionals, Myra B. Carter has developed a revolutionary, unique and highly practical formulas for improving personal success and increasing happiness and fulfillment.

True fulfillment doesn’t come from “getting what you want”, but from “giving who you are”.  In order to give who you are you must be in touch with it.  Visionary Life Coach, Myra B. Carter has designed a series of trainings, workshops, products and services that assists each person, no matter from which walk of life, to live fully, and live freely. Carter motivates and captures her audiences by just “KEEPING IT REAL”. Chill with Myra at

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