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Kevin Foresman

Host of Raw Soul Radio Tuesdays 11am Central/12pm Eastern/9am Pacific

Kevin Foresman hosts the CauseCast Raw Soul Radio: Real, Aware, and Worldwide Tuesdays at 11am Central. In this format, Kevin interviews cutting edge, transformational change leaders and musical artists from all over the globe. Raw Soul Radio has featured the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Depak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Alan Watts, Krishananda Yogananda, Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Judith Orloff and other amazing experts in human potential. The music of U2, Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Liquid Mind is also featured, along with many other higher conscious musicians and bands. Raw Soul Radio is listened to in over 21 different countries and is downloaded as a podcast hundreds of times a day.

For more on Kevin, please visit

For more on Raw Soul Radio, please visit

Enlumnia Radio is created, produced, and managed by Kevin Foresman, a multimedia artist who directs and produces audio/video and is an abstract fine art photographer. In 2008, Kevin’s photography featured at was accepted into Alex Grey’s Microcosm Gallery in New York, NY for a show entitled “Soul 2 Soul.” His work is also featured in affirmation and meditation videos archived on YouTube at, with where over 600,000 views of his work and over 750 subscribers to his channel from over 21 countries.

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Kevin’s dream is to develop Enlumnia Radio into a leading resource of higher conscious CauseCasts and entertainment, promoting pro-cause individuals and businesses to get their causes heard, developed, and accomplished in their positive change goals. In Kevin’s words, ” everything is spiritual to me, I see God’s handiwork in every person, place and thing, and Enlumnia is simply an expression of that consciousness, my virtual sanctuary of wisdom, community, and sacred dwelling space where all causes that promote and encourage positive change are accepted, nurtured, and given a voice that compliments their vision.”

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