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Cindy Ross

Host of The Spiritual Compass  Time: Tuesdays 9pm Central/10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Cindy Ross, Host of The Spiritual Compass, is an Intuitive and Channel divinely connected to the angelic realm. As an instructor of Psychic Development & Channeling classes she believes everyone is intuitive and everyone can channel their own messages from spirit.   These are not special gifts only given to a few lucky people.  These gifts are given to everyone.  Cindy’s mission is to teach others how to connect directly to the divine.   The soul is your inner guidance system which Cindy refers to as the Spiritual Compass. Listen in to feel the loving, tender guidance of Mother Mary as channeled by Cindy, and relish these precious nuggets of universal wisdom she shares with us. There is always a very special message of hope and compassion waiting just for you during the channeling experience in the second half of each episode of the Spiritual Compass.


Cindy has always heard the voices of the angels and now she shows you how to listen and hear for yourself. Trained as an Advanced Theta Practitioner and Reiki Master, Cindy has been teaching her unique technique which allows you to easily open yourself to spirit. With her methods that are tried and true you can be the Master of your own soul. Everyone is Psychic and everyone can hear the gentle guidance of their angels and guides that surround them.

For more on Cindy, go to   To listen to her Causecast The Spiritual Compass, click here