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Enlumnia™ provides natural healing and wellness services at the Enlumnia Energy Spa in Dallas TX. Kevin and Lisa Foresman facilitate energy healing sessions including reiki, chakra balancing, sound healing, reconnective healing, personal reconnection and distance healing. Lisa is a professional licensed massage therapist and provides signature massage, reiki massage, chakra balancing massage and sound healing massage sessions. Kevin is a hypnotist providing past life regression and spirit contact therapy. They both also provide life coaching, spiritual coaching and oracle card readings. They also teach reiki classes at all levels and meditation classes.

Enlumnia is a healing beacon of light, energy and possibility, and the name means “a state of enlightenment and illumination.” Our mission is to help our clients heal naturally. Kevin and Lisa are mindful energy healers raising the consciousness of our planet through the energetic healing of life force energy within our body, mind and spirit. Book with Enlumnia today so you can relax, heal, and glow.

Enlumnia Energy Healing Services

Enlumnia offers a variety of energy healing services. If you are new to energy healing therapy, we’d suggest you start with a Reiki session to relax and heal body, mind and spirit. If you have a lack of energy or feel unbalanced, we’d suggest a Chakra Balancing session to cleanse, heal and reboot your 7 main chakra energy centers. Both Kevin and Lisa are Holographic Sound Healers and enjoy performing relaxing sound baths and guided meditations to help you heal and relax, very powerful. If you are looking for something more advanced, we recommend Reconnective Healing, an enhanced energy healing modality and the Personal Reconnection, a two session advanced healing experience to completely restart and align your total energetic self. We also facilitate Distance Healing where you can enjoy a session at wherever you are as we send the healing energy to you. Start your healing journey today with Enlumnia by clicking on any energy healing service from the options below.

Massage: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Professional massage therapy helps to manage our long term health and enhance overall wellness. When combining the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue with subtle energy healing, you can enjoy a much deeper, ultra-relaxing, soothing experience rarely found in most spa settings. Enlumnia provides a variety of unique spa massage and energy work sessions that will relax, rejuvenate, and enhance recovery. Whether you require healing from sore, overworked muscles, or just a respite from stress, anxiety or depression, spa massage combined with Reiki and/or Chakra Balancing will allow you to reboot and revitalize in a very deep and blissful way.

Lisa Foresman, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist with 20 years experience in both of these healing modalities, provides the ultimate in spa massage in combination with energy work at our Enlumnia Energy Spa located in Dallas, TX. She remains a highly sought after personal massage therapist that will leave you refreshed and renewed. Try the Enlumnia Signature Massage for 60 or 90 minutes, or choose the 120 Minute Chakra Balancing Massage for the ultimate in healing and integration of your body, mind and spirit.

Past Life Regression and Spirit Guide Contact

At Enlumnia, Hypnotist Kevin Foresman provides Past Life Regressions, sessions that delve into exploring your past experiences in previous lives and the healing that results from these inquiries. He also conducts Spirit Contact, hypnotic sessions where the opportunity is created for you to meet and question your spirit guides, spirit animals and guardian angels. Click below to expand your healing potential,  find out what past karma affects you today, and how to gain wisdom from and work with your guides from the other side.

Oracle Readings & Intuitive Guidance

All the answers to our questions about our lives, our careers, soulmates and ways of being are most profound when they arise within ourselves. As you choose your cards and sense the synchronicity between your thought, actions and feelings, and connect them with other advice or knowings you have received, the experience can profoundly affect your direction and course of action henceforth.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Enlumnia

Spiritual coaching to help you heal, grow and evolve. Spiritual coaching involves adding a spiritual element to the traditional coaching relationship. As spiritual coaches, or through life coaching, we explore with you the deeper connections between ourselves and spirit, or source energy. We help clients gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it and around us.

Our professional life coaching will work on root causes below the surface rather than treating the superficial symptoms. The question is, what do you want to consciously create? Do you want to own your power? Do you desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction from your life?

We are so excited to experience you on your amazing journey of healing, self discovery and personal development, and we would be honored to be chosen as your own personal guide. Peruse either spiritual or life coaching below to read more about this personal development opportunity.

Reiki Classes: Training, Attunement & Certification

Learn how to heal yourself and others in our Reiki classes. Reiki training can help heal and release stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Our Reiki classes, including Level 1, 2 and Master, are the perfect solution for you to start or continue on in your personal healing journey.

Reiki classes are offered at all levels including levels 1, 2  and Reiki Master. There are no prerequisites to register for our Reiki 1 class, just a desire to learn and to discover your authentic power and connection to Source

Meditation Classes and Mindfulness Training

Enlumnia provides Mindfulness Training, Meditation Practice, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR sessions and classes at the Enlumnia Energy Spa in Dallas through in person and virtual learning. We have a wonderfully intimate meditation lounge for small group classes or private one-on-one meditation training. 

In this private mindful session, receive one-on-one meditation training, including a brief discussion of mindfulness meditation, a short breathing exercise to prepare you for meditation, a guided meditation, and then a beginning meditation practice that can be developed and used anywhere at anytime after training. Includes a follow up to check progress & invites to future meditation gatherings.

Our Testimonials & Reviews

Our Team: Kevin & Lisa Foresman

Kevin Foresman is an energy healer, certified hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation trainer, intuitive psychic, reconnective healing foundational practitioner, and an ordained non-denominational minister. Kevin is passionate about helping his clients energetically heal their mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

Lisa Foresman is a reiki master, massage therapist, sound healer and spiritual life coach. Lisa has worked in the massage, wellness and medical industry since 1998, gaining a cross disciplined appreciation for both western allopathic medicine and eastern mind/body healing practices. 

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